frozen pork hind feet.Best pork hind feet from Chile,Argenting,Brazil and other nations. Our main export market for this frozen pork hind feet is South-East Asia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.

Product frozen pork hind feet , pork skin,pork leg, pork loin, pork belly, pork collar rindless, pork shoulder rindless, pork front feet, pork shank, pork neck bones, pork flat bones etc
Packaging10Kg Carton / Custom or as per customer’s request.
QualityGrade A Select, Clean, No hair, No smell

Best of quality frozen pork hind feet. Our plants have the ability to offer 40 containers of frozen pork hind feet monthly. And it is worthy to note that all our plants are China SIF approved factories and with constant shipment to China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, We have discount rates from shippers which is passed on directly to our customers. So these are some of the major advantages you get ordering our frozen pork hind feet. You get the frozen pork hind feet processed within the shortest possible time followed by container booking and shipment within the shortest possible time to help our customers meet up with their request.

Our frozen pork hind feet are double processed to ensure there is no variation from the specifications which we give you.

Availability: In stock, freshly produced and available for immediate delivery. 10 -12 calendar days are needed, from the opening of the T/T or another agreed upon method of payment, for ship sailing. (It includes time necessary for delivery from our factory freezer to loading dock in EU port, and to meet the scheduled ship sailing date.

Quantities and schedule of delivery: To be agreed upon separately and confirmed in separate quantity and delivery letter and finalized in a purchase contract.

Specifications: NOTICE: All products specified herein below are Extra BRAZIL/EU quality (all chickens are fed without GMO components, pesticide, antibiotics and other forbidden substances).

INCOTERMS used herein are applicable and should be construed in accordance with ICC regulations INCOTERMS 2010 taking into account the Transportation CIF Clarifying Note below.

Shelf Life 24 Months

MOQ: 27MT (1*40′ Container)

Delivery time: 10days



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