We offer both European and Brazilian Chicken feet.

Packaging: Cartons contain poly bags 10 kg. Plastic bag properly labelled (low density polyethylene), As clearly seen on the photos or as agreed with the buyer within our ability we will make a good faith effort to comply if possible and feasible to us.

Inspection: Sanitary Department, Health Ministry in the country of Origin


  1. We can organize the transport –to harbor-port in China,Taiwan,Vietnam or Hong Kong etc designated by you/the buyer. The above-mentioned delivery to destination organized by us the seller

Specifications: NOTICE: All products specified herein below are Extra BRAZIL/EU quality (all chickens are fed without GMO components, pesticide, antibiotics and other forbidden substances).


  1. Feather off / white skin
  2. Well cleaned and fresh
  3. No bruise
  4. No broken bone
  5. No black pads or ammonia burns
  6. Outer Yellow Skin off
  7. Amount of moisture (less than 2%)
  8. Size: 45 -55 gm (Average weight per piece of chicken feet)

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